Celestial Clutch Cancer

Pioneer of timeless style Mehry Mu invites you on an astrological journey. When we say sun, moon, rising, the horoscopes that make us who we are, Mehry Mu it's starting to show with the interpretation. Illustration artist Aysem Kandıralı's drawings Mehry Mu The collection, which combines the noble texture of, invites you to accompany the deep sea of astrology.


Offering romantic elegance with touches that add meaning to fashion Mehry Mu signed an interstellar collection with illustration artist Aysem Kandıralı. Behind each model lies a story Mehry Mu This time, her handbags are writing the stories of fashion lovers. Twelve separate illustration images for twelve zodiac signs Mehry Mu Combining it with nobility, Güneş Mutlu Mavituncalılar keeps the energy of the planets alive.


Artist Aysem Kandıralı stated that she aims for a bolder and more imaginative concept away from classical horoscope figures; in the collection, plants, animals, mythological elements and feminine lines Mehry Mu exhibition. The collection, which has a story alone and also consists of complementary drawings, includes different sun, moon and star details, while each zodiac sign has a unique design.

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